30 July 2009

Chilli Goat's Cheese Tart

Somehow I can't seem to stop baking. Anyhow, the results justify the means, I say. The other day I wanted a simple supper for two which I could prepare during the course of the day in between other tasks. I decided for a savory tart and improvised with what I had at hand - mainly a sliced goat's cheese roll which I had marinated in olive oil with chilli peppers some days before - and was impressed enough to want to share this creation with you. I'll definitively be eating this again!

Make a shortcrust pastry to fit your chosen tart tin. Mine works with the following: 60 g of butter rubbed into 120 g flour, plus 1 teaspoon of salt. When you have a dry crumble mixture add just enough water to bind, use as little as possible. Leave to rest in the fridge.

Bake blind at 200 C for 15 mins, then remove your blind baking weights and bake open at 180 C while you prepare your filling, approx. 5 min.s

Mix two eggs with a little cream, salt and pepper and half a bunch of chopped parsley. Pour into the pastry case, sprinkle cherry tomatoes over the top and place your goat's cheese slices on there, too. I also poured a little of the chilli oil over the top. Bake for a further 45 min.s at 180 C.

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