19 July 2009

Orange Sorbet

I once saw a picture of these quaint little oranges filled with sorbet and one day when I had more oranges than I felt I could ever eat, there was a chance to experiment. The result was certainly convincing! Great as a palate cleanser between courses or as desert.

Use one orange per person. Halve the oranges and juice them, weigh the juice and add ca. 1/4 of its weight in dark muscovado sugar, also a little pepper. Place in the freezer in a little container and take out from time to time, initially after 1 hour, then halve the intervals, and mash up with a fork to crush the ice crystals.

Remove the remaining flesh from the orange skins and pierce the lid with a small knife so that you can attach a laurel leaf to resemble the leaf of a fresh orange. Freeze for a short while to harden and thus stabilize the skins, then fill the bottom half with sorbet and place the lid on top. Deep freeze but remove to room temperature c. 60-90 min.s before you want to eat the sorbet.

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