14 September 2009

Summer Memories

Looking out at the grey sky, listening to the rain and enjoying the cosy warmth of a well-functioning central heating system, there is no denying it. Summer is over! And still, I feel a strong urge to prolong that feeling of relaxed mellow easiness with any means possible. Of course, we are once more talking about food and drink. I have decided to fight the unwelcoming and unwelcome weather not with sturdy soups and hearty dishes but a batallion of vitamin-rich, mouth-wateringly fresh, summer-reminiscent dishes and drinks. I may need plenty of hot tea to keep warm but I will not give in quite yet.

Bubbly Redcurrants
There are still some summer fruits at our local market next to a growing assortment of different plums and their relatives. If you can still get redcurrants, this is how you can keep young children amused for hours: plop a few currants into a glass of sparkling water (you may even add a sprig of fresh mint for grown-up sophistication) and watch them bubble up and down... crush a few and you have a sparkling, entertaining pink drink. It even tastes great!

Iced Tea
Another favourite of mine is home-made iced tea. The key ingredient is, of course, a good tea, I prefer to use a well-rounded red fruit infusion, in particular strawberry or raspberry tea. Make the tea and leave it to cool. Add about a third of its volume in freshly pressed orange juice, add some lemon zest and sweeten to taste. If you enjoy drinking this, you may want to store some larger sugar granules in a jar with lemon zest to create a ready suply of lemony sugar. Lime zest would work just as well.

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