11 October 2009

Child-friendly Tiramisu

I never intended to post this but my family insisted I write about it. Well, as you can see, only a small piece remained when I decided that, yes, I would tell you about my child-friendly version of Tiramisu. It is a simple concoction and, obviously, does not contain alcohol or coffee. Similarly, I did away with the raw egg, not because I am worried about salmonella - although like this, the dish would be safe for very young children and pregnant women, too - but I simply see no great benefit in adding it. It was not missed.
I cannot give exact quantities as I never thought of measuring what I used and, naturally, I do not know how large your dish is. Line the base with savoiardi biscuits, and spoon a liquid over them. I used a mixture of cold drinking chocolate and hazelnut sirup. You want the biscuits to soak up as much as possible. Top the biscuit layer with a mixture of mascarpone and muscovado sugar, maybe add a little cream to achieve the desired consistency, thick but spreadable. Cover and leave in the fridge over night, sprinkle a little cocoa powder over the top before serving. Bon appetito!

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