09 October 2009

Ginger Nuts

We enjoyed my favourite biscuit with our afternoon cup of tea, and I want to share the recipe with you. It is so very quick and easy, today's batch was made by four year old Mimi and she achieved the perfect biscuit straight off. She managed with very limited help from me as, obviously, she cannot read the scales yet. The key ingredient is muscovado sugar which depending where you live is either a staple (lucky you!) or almost impossible to obtain. I had to search hard and, now, I am blissfully happy as I found a local supplier; if you cannot easily find it, I suggest you try your local health food store. Muscovado sugar is dark brown and slightly sticky, and so delicious one could eat it unadulterated and be in sugar heaven. You can replace it in the following with ordinary brown sugar but the taste will not be the same.

The following makes enough dough for two baking trays:

225 g plain white flour (or 200 g spelt flour)
225 g muscovado sugar (or ordinary brown sugar)
115 g butter
2 teaspoons powdered ginger
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 tablespoon milk
1 egg

Make a crumbly mixture of the flour, sugar, ginger and butter. Dissolve the bicarb in the milk and stir in the egg, add to your dry mixture, knead with your hands. The dough should be only slightly sticky. Divide into two, and form into small balls. Place on a lined baking tray with plenty of space between as the biscuits will spread out. Bake at 160 C for ca. 15 mins, leave to cool down on a biscuit rack. This is the ideal biscuit for dunking into steaming tea. Don't tell the queen that's what I do! Ginger nuts are also very good if you have a queasy stomach. I ate quite a few when I was pregnant, and not surprisingly, my children love them, too.

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