10 December 2009

Baking for Christmas

I had promised you my recipe for mince pies. Alas, Christmas preparations are taking their toll and - spare - time has vanished. If you come across it, let me know, I could do with a little extra! But first things first, this plate is for you, enjoy!

My Mince Pie recipe originally came from Nigella Lawson's "How to Be a Domestic Goddess"; naturally, I have fiddled over the years. This year's first batch went down a treat, I am hoping to find enough time to bake some more tomorrow. Actually, once you have made your mince meat, it takes no time at all to make these, but that's how pressed for time I am just now!

300 g flour
150 g butter
juice of one orange
pinch of salt

Rub the butter into the flour until you have a crumbly mixture. Add the salt and use enough orange juice to bind. Leave to rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Roll out thinly and cut out circles large enough to form a little pastry case with. Also cut out a matching number of christmas shapes to use as a topping, a little star will do the job.

My trick: I use a cutter a little bigger than the moulds of my muffin tray, then use the circles to line the tray with; this gives me perfect little pastry cases. Fill with your own mince meat - for my version confer to the last entry - but do not overload or you'll have to deal with a very sticky muffin case.

Top with a small pastry shape. Bake in a hot oven (220 C) for 15-20 minutes. If you like, once cool dust the pies with icing sugar. Find a small decorative box, fill it with pies and you have a lovely home-made Christmas give for someone.

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Amelia PS said...

I would love to taste these adorable pies!!!