31 December 2009

Winter Salad

I feel I need to counterblance all of these baking recipes with some 'real' food. It's not that we don't eat proper, tasty food, only most of the time it disappears so quickly, that there is no time to take pictures of it; and there are so many meals, I simply cannot record them all. But this little salad was as delicious as it looks in the picture:
It contains lambs lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, walnuts, pomegranate and a dressing made with olive oil, lemon juice and crumbly goat's cheese. A super combination, even if I say so myself.

1 comment:

Mrs. B. said...

That looks like a lovely salad and perfect for winter. I'm in Holland now and it's so cold so this would be perfect. I'll try to look for pomengranates in the supermarket and make this soon!