24 April 2010

Cheese and Onion Tartlets

Tomorrow, we are going on holiday, so I've plotted and planned provisions to take for the journey. I am never happier than when I can orchestrate something like this. I usually start with grand plans, plenty of research, only to down tone this to a manageable degree at a later stage. Clearly, one needs to stay realistic both in terms of how much and which type of food will be eaten and regarding time and effort spent on preparing such a feast. And if you are setting off on holiday, another consideration is that you may want to use up perishable goods from your fridge and larder.

Cheese and Onion Tartlets
Basic short crust pastry made with 160 g flour, 80 g butter, a good tea spoon of salt, and a little ice cold milk to bind. Make the pastry, leave in the fridge to rest and preheat the oven to 180 C. For the filling, mash up two boiled potatoes, add 50 g feta cheese, 50 g hard cheese (I used a chilli flavoured cheese), two finely chopped spring onions (white part only), one egg, and mix until smooth. Do not add salt because of the feta!

Roll out the pastry into an even number of disks - I like to do this on a sheet of baking parchment - and place heaped spoonfuls of the filling in the middle.

Cut out squares of parchment somewhat larger than the disks, and press into a muffin tin. This picture shows what I mean, it's a simple movement of letting the disks slide down into the tin.

Bake at 180 C for ca. 30 minutes until nicely browned.

Remove the wrapping paper, and leave to cool.

Hmm, I'd love to try one now - cook's treat?


Token (Bento-Lunch-Blog) said...

oh this looks so wonderful <3 I love the idea with the wrapping paper, really easy and clever :)

Zeralda said...

You could easily serve or transport them in the paper, too. They do look rather nice like that, I think.

Amatō said...

This and you asparagus wrappers are great ideas, thank you!
My boyfriend doesn't like veggies, so I often need to cook 2 different meals.
The muffins cups are great, I will cook for him with puff pastry.

Amelia PS said...