18 May 2010

Marinated Salmon

When browsing my numerous cookbooks for ideas and inspiration, I find myself irresistibly drawn to food preparations which one might prescribe as projects: preparation times of several days, at the very least, resulting in what most people would only ever buy in a shop. I, on the other hand, instinctively say top myself 'I've always wanted to try this!'. Invariably, the results are more than worth the effort. The following recipe is a good point in question.

I've fancied doing a bit of home curing on the side, and for my first attempt have settled on Marco Pierre White's recipe for marinated salmon from his 'Canteen'Cuisine' Cookbook. The latter I can highly recommend, by the way, in case you wanted to know. The procedure is simple, you need a very fresh piece of salmon fillet, according to White with its skin still on but I had mine removed by the fish monger and was more than pleased with the result, so either way should be fine. I discussed what I wanted to do with my fish monger, so as to make sure I would only get the freshest possible fish, and that way gleaned some further knowledge from him, namely that you need a fatty piece of salmon for this. Use a piece of fillet between 450 and 500 g.

For the marinade you need:
half a bunch of dill
juice and zest of two lemons
juice and zest of one orange
150 g salt
50 g caster sugar
5 g coriander, crushed (I used ground)
5 g white pepper, crushed (I used ground)

Step 1: Combine all the above ingredients and marinate your salmon fillet in this for 24 hs.

(This is the best picture but as you can see the marinade does not cover all of the fish. I transferred it into a plastic food bag which I folded creatively to have the fish tightly covered with the marinade).

Step 2: Wash off the marinate. Smear the salmon with Dijon mustard and cover with chopped dill and lemon balm. Wrap tightly in cling film and press down with a heavy weight. Leave for another 24 hs.

Cut into thin slices, and serve e.g. with pan roast potatoes or your favourite bread. Delicious!

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