21 June 2010

Rhubarb Tarte Tatin

From rhubarb with apples it but a small leap to rhubarb without apples - and I thought it worth experimenting along the principles of a tarte tatin. The result was sheer bliss, the sweetness of the caramel beautifully off-set against the tartness of the rhubarb. Almost better than the apple version, if you ask me, because of the counter point to the candy. And blissfully easy to make, too. The only point to watch is when you turn the ready made tarte onto a plate, be aware that there will be hot, liquid caramel desperate to escape!!

Rhubarb Tarte Tatin
150 g sugar + 2 tablespoons extra
50 g butter
3 large stalks of rhubarb, sliced thinly
200 g puff pastry

Firstly, heat up the oven to 180 C. Heat 150 g of sugar in a pan. Do not stir until the sugar begins to liquidise at the edges. Stir until golden brown, then add 50 g butter and stir continuously until combined. This is your caramel top.

Line an oven-proof pan with baking paper, and spread the caramel on top. In a bowl, mix the rhubarb slices with 2 tablespoons full of sugar, and place on top of the caramel.
Cut the pastry to fit the pan, and cover the fruit, tucking in the edges for a snug fit. Pierce a few times with a fork (you will not need all of the puff pastry, use the remainder for quick snack or starter, for instance spread half with tapenade, place the other half on top, cut into any shape you like, e.g. thin sticks which you twist around their own axis and bake until golden brown, ca. 12 minutes).

Bake for ca. 40 minutes until golden Brown. Remove from the oven and turn up-side down onto a plate - beware! There's boiling hot liquid on top, don't burn yourself! I turned my pan onto a large wooden board, and while turning left a slight gap for the liquid to run out into the sink. Serve with cream, warm or cold.

Bon appetit ;)

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Amelia PS said...

ohhhh how lovely...and must have been exquisite too!!!