13 July 2010

Bento Lunch

Today's lunch consisted of a pasta salad, herby pancake-sausage rolls and strawberries. The children and I had pancakes for lunch yesterday (setting up a little table and chairs in the kitchen and playing restaurant which they loved), so I made a little extra batter, added salt and pepper and lots of freshly chopped herbs. I cooked the pancakes, laid slices of a mortadella type sausage on top - cooked ham would be fine, too - and rolled the pancakes up tightly. Covered in foil and left in the fridge until I cut them up this morning. The pasta salad consists of left-over pasta from yesterday evening (I purposefully made more than I thought we could eat), which we had with sauteed vegetables, namely aubergines, leeks and green chilli in a white wine and cream sauce. I simply added peas and cocktail tomatoes. For myself, I would have added a vinaigrette dressing but the children prefer it plain.

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