12 July 2010

Shooter Sandwich

Watching old episodes of "Two Fat Ladies", a fabulous cooking programme featuring Jennifer Patterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright, I came across this simple but substantial sandwich. It needs to prepared a few hours before you want to eat it, but apart from this, it is a very easy and satisfying dish. We ate this for a summer evening picnic. You need a loaf of white bread, a steak, 4-5 cm thick and as large as the loaf (either use two or shorten the loaf to fit), and some good sized mushrooms - I used a mixture of brown champignons and shitake mushrooms. Quantities will naturally depend on the size of your loaf.
Generously, cut one end off the bread. Your end piece needs to be large enough that you can remove some of the crumb with your hands. Remove the crumb from the larger piece, too. Cook your steak on a very hot griddle for about a minute either side, depending on how rare you like it. The rarer the tenderer, if you ask me. Leave to rest and season with salt and pepper. Sautee the mushrooms and season. Place the steak inside the bread cavity, and stuff mushrooms either side of it. Mop up the juices of the mushrooms with some of the crumb, and stuff this in last - use the remaining crumb e.g. as croutons for a salad. Close with its lid, then wrap in baking parchment and secure with string or strong elastic bands. Weight down with heavy cookbooks (another reason why I love Larousse!) and/or pots and pans for at least 6 hours. Your sandwich loaf is now ready to slice and serve.

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