07 November 2010

Pink Ladyfingers

No, I'm not talking nail polish. Have you ever eaten a pink biscuit? I had not until very recently - but ever since I'd read somewhere about pink biscuits called roses de Reims, I'd wanted to eat them. They are not easily got anywhere near me, so the obvious solution was to try and make them myself. Finally, I found a recipe here (in German), which gave me a starting point and led me this version (in French). I've simplified the method, tried various shades of pink, and am rather pleased with the result. The trick is to bake the biscuits twice to achieve the typical crunchy texture.
They go very well with a glass of pink bubbly. Or indeed a cup of tea, if it's that time of the day. Or how about pink tiramisu with white chocolate? Or a bowl of Eton Mess surrounded by these biscuits (to awaken the inner Frenchman or woman in you, call it a charlotte). I am tempted...

2 eggs
100 g sugar
90 g flour
45 g potato flour
5 g baking powder
red food colouring
icing sugar

Separate the eggs. Beat yolks and sugar until pale and creamy, add the egg whites and as much food colouring as pleases you. Beat for another few minutes until thick and sticky, the idea is to beat in as much air as possible. Combine flour, potato flour and baking powder and sift over the egg mixture. Stir in gently with a spatula. Pour onto a lined baking tray and spread into a rectangle (alternatively, pipe into lady fingers, if you prefer a rounder edge - then omit cutting the biscuits).
Leave to rest for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with icing sugar and bake at 180 C for 12 minutes, cut into rectangular shapes while still hot. Leave to cool, turn over, sprinkle again with icing sugar and bake for another ten minutes. Let cool on a cake rack.

(Hide from little girls who love all things pink!)
Use as building blocks for the pink castle of your dreams.


Amatō/Wagashi Maniac said...

Your pink biscuit look great,interesting, usually the color isn't this beautiful after baking.

Welche Farbe hast Du verwendet, Zeralda? Flüssig/Pulver?
Meine Erfahrung ist leider oft, Lebensmittelfarbe und Backen, dann verblassen die Farben(oder besser gesagt "verbräunen", gibt es das Wort in Deutsch?? :-)

Potato flour= Kartoffelstärke??

Zeralda said...

Genau, hier im Süden heißt das, glaube ich, Kartoffelmehl, aus Norddeutschland kenne ich das nicht, ich nehme mal an, das jegliche Art von Speisestärke funktioniert. Zuerst habe ich nur Mehl genommen, das war aber nicht ganz so gut.

Ich nehme die ganz schnöde flüssige Farbe aus dem Supermarkt (4 Back- und Speisefarben von dem großen Marmeladehersteller) - und horte daher größere Mengen blau, grün, gelb...

Damit hält die Farbe, was sie vorm Backen verspricht, für die Kinder mixe ich einen recht extremen Rosaton, mir persönlich gefällt das zarte rosé wie hier im Foto besser ;)

Viel Erfolg!

Amelia PS said...

Oh BTW, your new blog look is lovely! really like the new look.